Movie Review: The Switch

The girls brought this one home from Blockbuster.

I saw Jennifer Aniston on the cover and immediately yelled “Chick Flick.” But, being the good sport that I am, I sat down and watched.

Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) is a successful woman in New York whose biological clock is ticking. She does not have a male partner and she is willing to take matters into her own hands. Her best male friend Wally (Jason Bateman) does not quite agree with her strategy of getting artificially inseminated at a “getting pregnant party” but he attends anyway. Leonard (Jeff Goldblum) is Wally’s male friend who is often brought in for advice as the story unfolds.

The plot moves slowly in this film, but the actors are good and they carry it. There are laughs, but not quite enough of them to pass for a comedy. As almost all Jennifer Aniston movies, this is an enjoyable film, entertaining but also very forgettable.

In a month I won’t remember I saw this, and I’ll have to come back here to this posting to remind myself.

Rating: **

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