Very Bad Language Translation

Here is a hilarious example of bad language translation with an excerpt:

The One Command® and seconds late “clicked” on the good loaner on the net who said YES to the Author’s dreams and made them come true!!! the Author were able to refinance the Author’s home at a low concern rate, frown the Author’s monthly payment, and forthwith noticed a growth in the Author’s mention rating. The Author now also own two make new cars all from the teachings in The One Command®.
This may go too good to be true but the Author dead show that it happened that fast and miraculously. There is a ground that it did and you see why in the teachings of The One Command!

I honestly can’t figure out if this is bad machine translation (my first guess) or if somebody took a dictionary and did a word-replace translation. Things like

concern rate  vs. interest rate

mention rating vs. credit rating

point to machine translation, but then

the author now also own two make new cars

would make me think it’s human, since a machine would know that the author owns, not own.

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