Movie Review: Paul

Paul is an alien that crash-landed on Earth 60 years ago. After being “saved” by the U.S. government and spending decades as an adviser, he figures out he is a prisoner and wants to go home.

He meets up with Graeme and Clive, two nerds from England on a road trip in an RV through the western United States. Who would be better to pick up a stranded alien than a science fiction writer (Clive) and his illustrator (Graeme) after just visiting Comic Con in San Diego? As propitious as it sounds, there are complications.

Accept the notion that aliens are little green humanoids. Accept that this one has learned how to speak English like a regular guy, a very regular one at that. Watching Paul is a funny adventure, full of surprises and twists, but never slapsticky or annoying. There are men in black with big guns, there are goons in pickup trucks that don’t like fags, there are religious zealots with shotguns, all after Paul. Somehow it all works, and the outcome is a very enjoyable movie, fun light entertainment with a lot of  heart and a science fiction twist.

I highly recommend it.

Rating: ***

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