Movie Review: Rob Roy

Rob Roy is a movie about a Scottish highland farmer and clan leader (Liam Neeson) around 1710. Rob has honor, so much honor that he is not willing to commit perjury even if the welfare of his family and possibly his life depends on it. Contrasted to the hero that he is, the villains are English aristocrats.

Archibald Cunningham (Tim Roth) plays a player, a ruthless womanizer, and a deadly sword fighter, with no honor and no conscience. When Rob borrows 1000 pounds to build out his farm, Archibald manages to kill the courier, steal the money and subsequently persecute Rob, the victim, and make him a victim twice over, once by pursuing him for defaulting on the loan, second by raping Rob’s wife Mary (Jessica Lange).

Eventually a sword fight settles it.

I am much into historical fiction these years, and I find that a good, well-done movie, with great imagery, elaborate costumes and realistic accents rounds out the worlds built by the books in my imagination. Worlds come to life when you see the mud puddles, hear the chickens clucking, and seemingly smell the body odor.

Rob Roy is such a movie. Nothing corny in the imagery. The accents are real. The scenery what I picture the Scottish highland looks like.

Those are all really good reasons to watch a 1995 movie today.

Rating: ***

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