Heritage Foundation Poll

Today I received a complex envelope to vote, providing my opinion on the current tax debate. The envelope was bewilderingly complicated. I had to follow strict instructions and weird processes.

The questions are bizarre. Here is one:

6. President Obama and liberals in Congress want to reinstate the Marriage Penalty that forces married couples to pay higher taxes than single taxpayers. Recent Heritage Foundation estimates suggest the marriage penalty punishes 2,752,159 couples in your state. Do you support or oppose the permanent elimination of the marriage penalty?

  • Support
  • Oppose
  • Not Sure / No Opinion

What kind of asinine question is that? Aha, 2,752,159 couples are punished. Do I want to support punishing couples? 2,752,159 of them? Either I am insulted by the question, and I throw the piece of garbage away, or I vote to Support.

There are 10 such questions. I know exactly how every one that will actually send this “survey” back will vote. Then there is a contribution section. On Hannity, later, we will be told that 100 percent of those “polled” do not believe Obama and the liberals in Congress should be allowed to continue to punish couples.

Reading the entire “survey” it is very obvious that the label “liberal” is a derogatory term. It used to be the opposite of conservative. I thought I used to be conservative, at least when I was younger and conservative. The term liberal in this context and  by the mainstream media today is a definitely a negative word, like:

  • Obama and the assholes in Congress
  • Obama and the idiots in Congress
  • Obama and the babykillers in Congress
  • Obama  and the unpatriotic zealots in Congress
  • Obama and the feckless clodpoles in Congress

…you had to get a dictionary and look up that last one, admit it.

I am now throwing this insult rag into my trash can. Call me a liberal.


One thought on “Heritage Foundation Poll

  1. Eric Petrie

    Norbert, you have just punished over two million couples who just want to make ends meet so that their children can grow up rich and watch Hannity on cable.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. No wonder you live in California, the land of sunny corruption and unbalanced budgets.

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