Smoking in the City

If you have recently walked downtown in any major city,  San Diego, San Francisco, New York, you will see how the smoking bans in public buildings, bars and restaurants that are now in place  in most states, have driven people to the sidewalks.

This is not so bad in Southern California. But walking along the financial district in New York in late November, it is more amusing. Usually underdressed for the occasion, the smokers, generally alone, are huddled in entryways, trying to find shelter from the wind, while they can’t decide if they want to puff fast to get back inside quickly where it’s warm and where their friends are, or if they should savor the cigarette, like they want to, since the pleasure is the reason they are out there in the first place.

The smoking ban sure ostracizes the poor smokers and makes the enjoyment of a cigarette very difficult. They have to put on their outside clothes, go to the elevator, go down however many floors, walk outside and then ENJOY on command.

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