Scary Landing in Madison

Freaky storms with high winds of up to 70 miles per hour and even tornadoes have plagued the Midwest in the last couple of days. I just traveled from San Diego to Madison, Wisconsin, via Chicago. The landing in Madison in a commuter jet was the scariest of my life.

On approach, we were buffeted by the winds, bouncing and fishtailing, until we seemed to fly more sideways than forward. Luckily the pilot decided that it was not going to work and pulled up. While we circled the field I felt like I was riding on a kite. Headlines flashed in front of my eyes: “Small jet crashes after violent turbulences…”

White knuckles relaxed and people started breathing again when we finally touched down and all wheels seemed safely on the ground.

The plane erupted in applause.

The flight attendant went on the PA system and announced: “I have to do this three more times today!”

2 thoughts on “Scary Landing in Madison

  1. Kim Rothstein

    Norbert; your trip sounds horrifying. If I were the stewardess I would call in sick. Because of you…and all of your talents;critical thinkings; etc;
    I have finally started to read again; not just articles; but real books. Thank you !

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