Review: The One Command – by Asara Lovejoy

Occasionally I buy educational and business programs from Nightingale Conant Corporation.  I have bought dozens of great programs over the years. They sometimes send invitations to order programs asking me to pay for them only if I think they are worth it. Most of the time I do, and I add value to my library.

So this time I said “yes” to “Install the Blueprint for Success into Every Fiber of Your Being” – a program titled “The One Command – Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness” by Asara Lovejoy.

I didn’t make it through the first CD. The author was reading stiffly and too fast for a script that was obviously written, not meant to be spoken. The content was nothing but wordy, trite fluff, paragraph after paragraph of utter nonsense with an occasional kernel of truth. 

Yes, I know that negative thoughts are bad. I know that I can induce hypnotic states of mind, open to suggestion and programming. That can be said in a few sentences. I found this program so bad, I could  not resist transcribing some of the introduction of the program verbatim here:

Even though I am not seeing you in person, I know that energetically I am connected to you even as you are listening to my words and investigating these portions of intelligence that you may never have even known were available for you to investigate.

Here you’ll discover your own untapped abilities and greater intelligence that is yours, an intelligence that is so magnificent, bright and alive it clamors to be expressed, an intelligence that has solutions to every problem, the power to manifest and create in completely new ways and a presence of untapped self-worth, love and great inspiration of accomplishments.

Here you discover in six easy steps to tap into that intelligence and awaken to your own force for good in your everyday life and in the world.

Here you discover why the simple syntax structure of the one command stops your negative thoughts dead in their tracks and reforms your thoughts, your feelings, your health and even your income simultaneously in moments.

You discover your theta-thinking extraordinary mind as the state place in consciousness where all this untapped potential exists and how you can enter into this state in moments through the six easy steps. And while there in a unified field of theta and in the position of the observer make it all happen with the one command. Here you realize this untapped intelligence that’s always been at your fingertips and while you are ready to meet that success DNA in you right now it is wonderful to know that you have all the elements of success, your greatness and all possibilities and probabilities accomplishing your hopes, wishes, dreams and desires right within you. And not only are you the instrument of your own good, you are the operator of your own success equipment and this program shows you how to operate that equipment in brand new ways.

You’ll discover during the time that we’re together that you become aware of this new operating system for yourself and a presence of self that is in extraordinary fields of consciousness that are yours.

As a matter of fact, we have all come to this moment right now because we have evolved in the collective agreed-upon reality that we can, the new science of observer-created reality from the quantum perspective and the intelligence of your thoughts that affects your beliefs even down to the level of your DNA. From the biologist’s point of view are the two elements of science that support your new wisdom-making method of thought and results.

How much drivel can a person string together before the listener screams:  “Enough!!”

But trooper that I am, I stuck with it. Then I got to this section:

How much power does the beta brain wave have? And I can say let’s imagine that it’s equivalent to the Midwestern states, that you have all that range of intelligence in the Midwestern states that you could gather information, get people to help you go ask questions, solve new problems, make your relationships. Now you might think that’s a pretty substantial area to find people and ideas to help you grow your business, solve a financial or emotional problem or to restore your health. But as you lower your  brainwaves, your brain waves are measured in electrical charge of Hertz or cycle per second and beta being the fastest at 13 to 30 cycles per second, as you lower your brain waves to a slower speed per second they do something pretty impressive. They expand in their altitude and amplitude and increase in size your capacity in thoughts, solutions and attractions of probable new experiences that you haven’t even have the thought that you might know yet. From the beta to the alpha brain wave of 17 to 13 cycles per second you could say that the altitude and amplitude could reach to the outside of the edge of the planet to the Van Allen Belt,  where gravity meets the vacuum of space. Now you can create solutions in your alpha brain waves to any space or direction and receive knowledge directly into your mind from this positioning of open potentiality and that’s substantially a greater sphere of opportunity than in your beta mind. And when you lower your brain wave to theta, 4 to 7 cycles per seconds, now you open to the probabilities throughout all of our known universe through the hundred million million other planetary stars and systems to the outside edge of our galaxy and this is your greater intelligence that is also you.

The nonsense presented here is insulting. So your normal beta brain waves are like the Midwestern states? The alpha waves reach in amplitude to the Van Allen Belt, where gravity meets the vacuum of space?  And Theta goes all the way to the outside edge of our galaxy? And a hundred million million planetary stars and systems are in our galaxy – or in our universe?

Nightingale Conant – who checks your facts? 

Well, Ms. Lovejoy, there are “only” about a hundred billion stars in our galaxy. There are about a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. I don’t know where your 100 million million (or better expressed: 100 trillion) comes from. But if you use scales to illustrate points, please get the scales  right, or you lose all credibility with those of us out here that actually know what wavelengths are, how many stars there are in the universe, and that gravity, the vacuum of space and the edge of the planet have pretty much nothing at all to do with the Van Allen Belt.

Every one of your “scientific” statements after this is suspicious at best.

I think I won’t pay that $70 for this psycho-babble program, and I’ll send it back quickly.

25 thoughts on “Review: The One Command – by Asara Lovejoy

  1. Dan

    I think this Lovejoy woman is a Scientologist and that her Threshold University Of Body-Mind Science is a Scientology front group…sounds like everything in the book “A Piece of Blue Sky”, an expose’ of the mind cult from former member Jon Atack.

  2. a

    thank you for taking the time to create this honest review. I would have shot myself in the head if I got this book and this it what it said. thank you!

  3. Carol

    I have quite the opposite opinion about Ashara’s two programs. I too got the invitation from N.C. to try Ashara’s “Unlock Your Healing Codes”. I had seen the name Ashara Lovejoy before, but never investigated her method. I ordered the One Command as well as Unlock Your Healing Codes. It is two days since I have received both programs, and as I write I am still listening. So far; this is the most confident I have felt, in my ability to delete self-sabotaging programming, and reprogram a preferred default.

    I do agree that she seem to be reading, and that that may be a lot, for many persons. However, since I was educated in a school system where a lot of lecturing was normal; listening to Ashara was not hard for me. Her explanations are helping me understand how to maintain positive expectations in the presence of fear of failure. I feel like I’ve found the real Secret Behind The Secret. I feel like she has taken me to a higher rung on the ladder. But had I not learned other methods before hers, I wouldn’t understand what she imparts.

    Since embracing the Law of Attraction, I have come to realize how important it is to maintain positive expectations regardless of how bleak and unsure the present is. I would state what I wanted, in my attempts to ignore present disappointment, but to do so was always hard work. And I could not ignite sufficient confidence to override fear and doubts. Surprisingly Ashara’s method makes sense, in how to do that for me finally.

    From what I have gathered so far, we are deleting old programming from our subconscious,and gradually installing the new and preferred programming by stating I don’t know how, then going right into stating the desired result, as if it is already earned. I had heard Deepak Chopra state (on one of his programs before) that within every desire is the means to manifest that desire. Intellectually I could accept that. But I just couldn’t feel it, in a way that really decreased the “resistant” energies I kept activating and generating. Now I feel like I can more easily and quickly reduce or even eliminate resistant thought/energy, the minute I decide on a goal.

    Anyway; I may not be explaining exactly what I have now come feel, so when I am finished with the programs I’ll return to expand my comment.

    1. Thank you for your extensive and appropriate comments. I am sure there are a lot of messages in Lovejoy’s programs that make a lot of sense and are very helpful. Perhaps it’s her message that is not for me, or it’s the way she communicates, or I simply do not find that I am in her optimal target audience. I am a somewhat cerebral, scientific and analytic person, and statements that make no sense or are flat wrong (mostly her pseudo-scientific babble) just turn me off and the message goes by the wayside.

      There are many authors and speakers, like Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale (many years ago), Napoleon Hill, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and more recently Tony Robbins who have preached these principles for decades. The law of attraction principle is not a Lovejoy invention. Napoleon Hill published “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937. Every one of Lovejoy’s principles are in that old book.

      I am looking forward to your summary when you’re done with the program.

  4. Mark

    I’m an electronic design Engineer by profession and so I also found the course to be full of pseudo-scientific twaddle, factual inaccuracies and hype.It seems compulsory these days that those presenting these programs have to babble incoherently about scienctific subjects of which they have no understanding; the favourites seem to be quantum physics and DNA.

    Despite this, when I eventually tracked down the instructions for performing the One Command, the process was remarkably effective.

    Fortunately, I bought the program as a download during a sale by Nightingale Conant and thus acquired it for about 25% of the normal cost; I think at this price it is quite good value and I can honestly say that I was pleased with the technique itself. I would advise others who are interested in trying it to save your money by purchasing and downloading only the third track which contains the technique itself – the rest of the course is irritating waffle and padding.

    1. Thanks, Mark. This is one of the most useful comments I have ever received. Let’s go to the third track. Interestingly, I could, of course, simply buy her book. Often these authors publish their ideas in books first and then pad and waffle to fill out CDs. Great comment!

    2. Mike

      Hi Mark could you please post the URL where you were able to purchase the individual tracks from? When I searched on the Nightingale Conant website I could only the option to buy all 6 sessions for almost $80. A bit expensive…

  5. lisa

    yes the cd’s were a bunch of babble but you must install and read the last cd which makes it all worth it. Also the mantra so to speak about I DONT KNOW HOW MY GOOD COMES TO ME. I ONLY KNOW THAT IT DOES NOW… actually allows for an opening for something somehow to take place to facilitate ones endeavors or dreams etc. One gets out of ones own way to allow and let happen by perhaps some forces that are unseen all the while making our efforts but stopping analyzing or prohibiting HOW these endeavors will take place, or not..Something here has worked for me this last couple of weeks and I plan to continue repeating this many times is unfortunate that the level of annoying babble on the CD’s was so great but the third and fourth CD are valuable and I am a big skeptic. I dont know why Ms. Lovejoy could not see how much incoherent and annoying babble there was and edit it out.

  6. Nick

    Like all new knowledge & experiences, you attracted this for a reason, so if the timing’s right, this material will truly help you on your journey of self discovery, peace & love.

  7. Hello I have been looking over the One Command and first I think it is a helpful skill. I have looked at her book and I have not found real information in the book which gave me an AHA affect and I found it contains to many testimonials to fill the pages. An other thing bothering me is her pseudo she is using why cannot she use her own name? Maybe if someone could fill me in on this? There is one more thing that puzzles me and that is when I Google her name and add scam or fraud I mostly get referred to her book this is a little scary to me and makes me question her; I am sorry maybe she is truly a genius person full of integrity and has found the best tool ever. I will however try out the 6 steps and I will listen to her recordings to find out

    1. Verena Besse

      I gave the one command a second chance and I must say: it does work
      it is a process so don’t expect to find the miracles like a surprise package at your doorstep by tomorrow, but it has changed quiet a bit for me in my life so I can clearly give the process a B too bad the book gave me the wrong impression

  8. verena

    I have now gone through the 6 steps a numerous times and I have to admit it really works. So for the one command as a method I must say I realy like the way it works, but as far as the book goes I am still not all that convinced maybe that is because of the pseudo Sara is using

  9. Hi Norbert and thank you for your honest assessment of this program. As a now ex engineer who has been on the personal development journey for a number of years I too tend to be of the analytical type who passionately likes to gain a understanding of how stuff works so I can utilise applications to better effect. Given my already and current understanding of the spiritual/quantum side of ourselves it would seem you have saved me from hours of waffle, thank you, as I was going to buy this program! However it also seems from the various comments I have read from various sites, the technique does work or at least for some. And as I am a person who is by default for some reason attracted to and benefit from Theta meditations, what is the consensus of opinion with regards to which session or sessions to download from the NC site that offers instruction on the technique itself without the waffle?

    I look forward to your reply,

    Thank you again

    Regards, Tony
    United Kigdom

    1. Hi Tony – my comments were about the program in general, and not about the technique. I am sure the technique may work – I simply never got that far in the program. I have used Dick Sutphen programs myself very effectively – good hypnosis coaching without all the fluff from the Lovejoy programs.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Tony – reading the comments above, it sounds like the third track is the one you should download. I have not done this myself, but I am now tempted, since so many engineer-types like myself speak positively about it.

      1. Like ourselves Norbert, I too was a Engineer as I said in my original comment to you. Going to download it and will post my feedback to you. Albeitl I am going to combine it with Theta meditation BWE tracks to ensure I am in Theta.

        Thank you for getting back to me Norbert, it is appreciated


    1. Hi Bill:

      Yes, perhaps, before I voice an opinion. There is a problem, though. I cannot make myself spend time listening to useless drivel to perhaps get to some value later on. If the author cannot convince me in the first 15% of the program that I want and should continue, and it takes blog feedback to motivate me to try again, it’s not very well done to begin with, is it?

      I stand by my statements that just about every word on the first CD is fluff at best, and watered-down non-sense psycho-babble for the most part.

      I think you are right, I need to get the book, so I can fast-forward to the stuff that may have value, and then adjust my comments – or make new ones.

      But to get the book, I have to put yet more money into the author’s pocket….

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, REM. I have actually done that, many times. Per Bill’s suggestion above, I even bought the book, too, and worked with that. It may well be that the magic works for many people but it does not work for atheist scientist logic-bound fauna like me. I have used the one command to make it work, and even that does not work.

  10. Thanks for sharing such a candid review. I’m really looking for some help in this area with some negative self-talk, and I think I’m going to give it a shot. Nightingale has such a great guarantee that I figure I’ll send them back if they don’t help me. Thanks again!

  11. David Hunt

    Norbert, this is fascinating reading.

    First, I have to make a disclaimer. I know Asara personally and have attended a number of her classes. That said, I am obviously a believer in The One Command or I would not have kept going back for more. But I think I can also objectively answer many comments because I come from an engineering environment also. Engineers are usually open to using ideas that work often long before someone has figured out exactly why they work.

    If Asara seems to be reading, that’s because she literally wrote the book “The One Command” several years before the N-C course. It’s a best-seller in that niche market. Her style of speaking probably comes from years of years of lecturing and teaching. One of the most remarkable things I ever saw her do, and I don’t know many others that could do it, was to present a full 3 day weekend workshop that was 70%+ stand up in front lecture with absolutely no notes. The rest of the time was practicing techniques, for those keeping score.

    Norbert, I’m sorry if her speaking style is not to your liking. You probably remember Howard Cosell. I used to love Monday night football back then, but I had to mute the volume when Howard came on. Different tastes for different folks.

    Asara has had a number of classes in and also used to teach NLP, so yes you can see it coming through occasionally. She has spent years studying other techniques within the general field of personal development. She knows her material, and in a very real way, it is HER material, because The One Command is a synthesis of 40 years of learning and insight.

    In my day job, I work in the legal area of an aerospace firm, so I’m surrounded by the most literal minded engineers all day long. Asara lives in a different world. She often talks in pictures and images, so I also noted her scale from the mid West to the Van Allen Belt the first time I heard it. It may not be mathematically accurate, but it may also be an intentional exageration for the sake of a pattern interrupt to jolt our thinking.

    Bottom line, I would take The One Command technique and what Asara writes like the cable guy when he comes out to fix your cable box. You don’t ask him his philosophy of life. You don’t ask his religion or who he voted for in the last election. You don’t ask if he thinks Pluto is still a planet. You’re only interested if he knows how to make the cable box work again. Same thing with The One Command. I don’t agree with Asara myself on several points on other topics, but I know she has found a technique that works. That’s the important point.

    So like someone suggested, skip to the last CD and the technique itself. Or better yet, if you no longer have the CD’s, zip over to Amazon and buy her book. It’s only $10.98, and you can get the Kindle version for $8.89. Read it yourself in your own voice and speaking style if you prefer that. Or just skip to the back of the book. (That’s where the answers generally are anyway.)

    The important point is whether the technique works. Yes, it does. I have seen it work in my life. I also know that it should work for anyone who uses it as instructed, whether or not they agree with why Asara thinks it works the way she does or not.

    I appreciate a skeptic. They can become the best converts. You would not have gone to all the trouble of transcribing some much of it if you weren’t intrigued by it somehow.

    If you were close by, I’d practice the technique with you myself. So let me challenge you. Try the technique, and ignore what you consider psycho-babel. You can get the results without even reading Asara’s story or knowing what she thinks substantiates the technique. You don’t have to agree with her to succeed with the technique any more than you have to be fans of the same team as the cable guy to get the cable box to work.

    Happy exploring, but do it with an open mind.

    1. David – this comment must be the most eloquent, factual, and convincing comment ever on any of my posts. It’s so well written, so well put, it gave me pause. — Hmm, by the way, I DID already buy the book and I did already pretty much follow your suggestions. I wrote another post about that in my blog – search for Asara and you’ll probably found it. The results were not much different. Let me chew on your comments some….

  12. Anonymous

    Hello there,
    Reading the book of one command by Asara Lovejoy i quickly went into 6 steps as i always love to do shortcut i did it mentally to my surprise it’s very peaceful place to be in theta and I didn’t feel sleep .. I love going to theta over and over again.I am so fortunate to find this book it’s a treasure… I dont need to analise it i just go to theta and command and experience the unexplainable moment of infinite joy and success with no contradiction of the mind..

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