Avis Customer Support

After my post below about a disappointing experience with a “luxury car” by Avis, I must be fair and tell the rest of the story here. As I stated, I had given up on my attempt to exchange the car. However, today I had to drive back to Albany from Saratoga Springs on business, and when I got to the airport exit, on a whim, I pulled off and drove back to Avis.

This time the gentleman at the counter was eager to help, and it didn’t take more than 5 minutes for me to walk away with the keys to a Toyota Matrix. He even offered to take care of the gas. However, in anticipation of success, I had actually filled up the car before I took it back.

Here is my replacement car. I am no longer annoyed and embarrassed.

Some of you might be curious about how a person can be happy to have traded in a “luxury class” vehicle for this one and be happy. If you are wondering, drive a Lincoln Town Car, and then we’ll talk.

When I got back to the hotel a few hours later, there was an email from Avis in response to my customer service email on Sunday, apologizing, recognizing that I got my trade, and providing contact information in case I needed more help.

Avis came through.

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