Movie Review: The Blind Side

Here is a movie I had no interest in watching – based on the previews. Somehow it didn’t touch me. Then Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in this movie. In addition, The Blind Side played on the flights on American Airlines from San Diego to New York several times. As a rule, I never watch movies on airplanes, but the things was in front of me during several flights, images only, without sound since I didn’t use the headset. I rented and watched it now.

A huge black teenager, apparently homeless and parentless, catches the eye of a suburban, upper-class mother. She and her family take him in, sponsor him and accept him lovingly. And he becomes a football star. That was the story.

It’s a true story, and all the characters are real and alive today. This is a movie without a villain, without any evil, and the tension and suspense does not come from intrigue, crime, evil, danger or any other negative force in contrast with good. It’s just an unlikely story of all good people who do the best they can with their lives. There is nothing stilted here, nothing corny, nothing outlandish or unbelievable. It’s a story told so well, it works.

Rating: ***

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