Rapture Participants Abandon Pets

In Businessweek of February 22, 2010, page 70, I read about the most creative and hilarious business opportunity I have yet come across. I am envious that I didn’t think of this one.

A lot of religious people believe in the Second Coming, where Jesus Christ comes back to Earth and brings about the Rapture, an event where the righteous will be taken away to heaven and everyone else will be left here to live in Hell on Earth forever. Since I am not religious, I am undoubtedly not one of the ones that will be spirited away.

The problem is: what happens to the pets of those fortunate ones that will go to heaven?

A man named Bart Centre has started a service called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets that promises to rescue and care for the animals that the lucky whisk-awayees of the Rapture leave behind. Clients pay $110 for a ten-year contract and $15 for additional pets. Sinners and atheists, who will be left behind, get addresses of the animals and commit to getting to them within 24 hours of the abandonment and pick them up, care for them and love them.

Where do I sign up?

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