Movie Review: The Vanishing

In 1993, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock, along with Kiefer Sutherland, starred in The Vanishing. I happened upon this movie tonight while flipping through the channels, and I might have gone on, had I not noticed Jeff Bridges’ name. There is only one actor and one actress in a leading role that wins the Oscar every year. This year, it was Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. Okay, I could not let this movie pass unwatched.

(Jeff) Kiefer Sutherland and Diane (Sandra Bullock) are a couple, mending their relationship on a trip. They stop at a gas station, and Diane disappears without a trace. Jeff, a writer, spends years trying to find her. Eventually, as he is putting his life back together, he falls in love with Rita (Nancy Travis), but ghosts haunt him – and her. Just when everything seems to come completely apart in their lives, Barney (Jeff Bridges), the kidnapper, contacts him. Barney is a chemistry professor who leads a deceptively simple life as a family man and a teacher. But there appears to be a macabre secret.

A solid performance by the leading actors, the thriller kept  me riveted. I wanted to know what happened and why. It had me captivated to the last minute.

Did Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock know they’d be winning Oscars on the same night 17 years after The Vanishing? Surely not. What are the odds?

Rating: **

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  1. Eric Petrie

    A fun fact from channel-surfing! And what are the odds that Keifer would bury himself in a repetitive television drama that forever keeps him from the Hollywood awards?

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