Movie Review: Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson plays a Boston detective named Thomas Craven whose daughter is brutally slain in front of his eyes, inexplicably. She was a young, successful, and idealistic nuclear engineer with a degree from MIT, working in a think-tank-type company in rural Massachusetts.

First Craven thinks he was the target, a plausible assumption being a detective. But as he digs into the details, he not only unravels sinister deeds but also attracts increasingly brutal attacks on all the people around him. It seems like the universe is out to eliminate everyone around him.

This is a story about corporate America at its worst. A seemingly successful company is unmasked as a criminal enterprise. Politicians are bought, police is corrupt and killers can drive the streets and do their dirty deeds unhindered.

There is no great moral lesson here. Edge of  Darkness is good entertainment, that’s all. Gibson does a great job as “the guy who’s got nothing to lose and doesn’t give a shit,” as he tells a corrupt lawyer who tries to brush him off. He is a good cop and we root for him as he takes down all  the bad guys, one at a time.

[Addendum] After reading Eric P’s comment below it becomes clear that I didn’t give a solid reason why somebody would want to see this movie — or not.  So check the ratings key on the page “Ratings Key” above.

Rating: **

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Edge of Darkness

  1. Eric Petrie

    Well, the movie seems like what I expected from the trailers. When I saw them, during promotions for the NFL playoffs, I wanted to go see it. I have had to stop myself from daydreams of revenge against wrong-doers, so this kind of appeal is pretty gut level. And I can’t quite tell from the review (beyond the two stars, you tough judge) whether you liked it, given the genre, or saw it out of curiosity, or out of some obligation to us, your readers. Was there anything smart or surprising about it? I think I am asking because I am trying to convince myself to rent it, and your two stars leave me in limbo.

  2. Eric Petrie

    Funny, I noticed the ratings key for the first time, just before I read your reply above. And now I understand. I will definitely rent it, now that I realize that two stars is not limbo.

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