Movie Review: The Brave One

Jodie Foster stars in this thriller about revenge, justice and vigilantism in New York City.

Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) is a radio talk show host in New York City. One night she and her fiancé walk their dog in Central Park where they get attacked by three thugs. After a brutal mugging that leaves her severely injured and her fiancé dead, Erica is trying to cope with the loss. To protect herself, she purchases a gun. Without planning it or first realizing it, she becomes a vigilante and soon makes headlines in the city. Eventually she decides to hunt down her attackers. Detective Sean Mercer (Terrence Howard) befriends her, first quite coincidentally, then with suspicion and recognition. He eventually has to decide where to draw the line between understanding, justice, friendship and the law.

Like in most vigilante stories, I rooted for the vigilante and liked it when the bad guys got their butts kicked. For a movie, it’s a cheap trick that just about always works, and it worked here again.

Rating: **

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