TrustPilot Edits and Removes Negative Reviews

Not very long ago there were nine reviews of MobilityPass on Eight of these reviews were strongly negative, and one review was positive. These reviews disappeared from There are two new ones there now.

I am disappointed in TrustPilot. Why would an outfit dedicated to impartial reviews purge content supplied by consumers?

MobilityPass seems to attract a flood of negative reviews. Just google “MobilityPass Reviews” to see.

13 thoughts on “TrustPilot Edits and Removes Negative Reviews

  1. Hi,

    I am sorry to hear that you are not convinced about Trustpilot and our reviews.

    I would like to clear up some things about Trustpilot. I am not sure what happened in this case, but here are some of the possible scenarios:
    – There were several reviews with the same IP address, after which we deleted those reviews.
    – We had some doubt that these reviews didnt come from real customers, and asked for a proof of purchase.

    I can assure you that companies cannot request us to remove reviews, and that we never delete reviews without any further investigation.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will be happy to help you out.

    julie AT trustpilot DOT com

    1. Thanks, Julie, that makes sense and is comforting.

      Proof of purchase can be difficult with guys like MobilityPass. I have a useless modem on my shelf. Wanna see it? If I had to give you a proof of purchase now, I’d be hard-pressed. I have shredded all my credit card statements long ago after I reconciled them, and I have nothing else. I have a device, and it’s useless….

      Chalk it off to learning.

    2. Jimmy

      Same IP address isn’t proof it’s the same person. IP addresses has a tendency to change user after some time, because those are dynamic IP addresses, but I’m not surprised that at Trustpilot works idiots, who doesn’t know even this much. And even if 4 people do complain about the same company and same thing, it still doesn’t prove it’s the same person! It could be that these 4 people experienced the same thing and the only reason why it’s the same IP address is because it could be that people use the same proxy.

      Funny that Trustpilot deletes only negative reviews, thinking only those are fake, but never have thought that same can be said about positive reviews, which are actually written by shady company’s or site’s admins not their customers or users. Trustpilot has silenced 3 people, including me, who complained about rampant bullying on that site, claiming that these reviews are fake. Go and do research yourselves, morons! Go and see on that site that there are even more people, who complains about bullying and staff’s refusal to do anything about it.

      Even if people do provide proof Trustpilot still refuses to put those reviews back there, which is why Trustpilot is a waste of time.

      This Trustpilot is disgusting, because it doesn’t care about customers, it cares only about money! They don’t let people warn others that they should be careful, they let bullies and other jerks lure people on a site where bullying is rampant and even staff doesn’t care and in company, which only cares about money milking!

      Oh, and it’s funny how on their own site their review score is 4 while on other sites it’s barely 2 or even less.

  2. left negative comments about a company!! They do not appear???? company let me know they were UNHAPPY will no longer discuss my ongoing complaint! Google TRUSTPILOT and you get pages of THEM???

  3. smartin954

    TrustPilot is the most inconsistent and idiotic review site I have ever had the displeasure of using. They claim their “system” flags reviews. Well, why when I write 6 reviews on the same day is one business flagged for “Missing proof of purchase”. There was no option to submit a proof of purchase. First I tell them to flip off. Then, I decide I should send in the invoice. No problem, they said I would be re-instated. A couple weeks later, I get the same notice on the same review I haven’t even touched! Meanwhile I have reviewed several other companies. Anyway Trustpilot sucks as far as I am concerned. I move on to GoGoBot because I really like their site and the reviews are not manipulated like TrustPilot and Yelp.

  4. Tony M

    TrustPilot are the worst. Their model is allow anything to be published. Awful company and amazing that Google aggregate their reviews and be associated with them.

  5. Frank

    They do remove negative reviews. Posted a fully detailed negative review and guess what …. it was online 2 hours. It was factural, supported with full details. It was like 500 words long. Trustpilot has deleted nearly all negative reviews for that fraud company (all very detailed) yet all 1-line saying “great” and giving fake 5 stars are all online. Trustpilot seems to be worst of all fraudsters, since their platform supports them, making them appear legitimate.

  6. Tom

    Trustpilot removed my review, so I complained and forwarded tons of supporting documents, then this “Olga” sends this back:

    Olga (Trustpilot)
    Jul 25, 08:40 CEST
    Dear Reviewer,

    Thanks for getting back to us.
    Your review has been removed from our platform because we were unable to verify the authenticity of it. However, we’ll be happy to revisit our earlier decision if you can provide us with documentation verifying your experience.

    To verify your review:
    Find your order confirmation, invoice, delivery report or proof of service with documents should show: the name of the business, the name of the buyer (your name), the date, and a reference number. See more here.

    They have all of this. What even have bank account details that Revolut holds my money. 8 weeks of in-app chat with Revolut forwarded to Trustpilot yet the “cannot claim authenticity”.
    My review was very long and very detailed.

    At the same time, Trustpilot leaves 1 line 5 star reviews on place (esp. for the reviewed company – reviews like “great support” , “superb app”, “excellent savings” – reviews like these that say nothing about the level of service – all online.
    Trustpilot sucks. I am now convinced they do this on purpose.
    I will refrain from going back to Trustpilot to see if a company is legitimate since they give a totally distorted view of companies.

    1. This is incredible. The whole point of a review site is to give the reader a good assessment of a company, and this is obviously not happening. Why would anyone go to Trustpilot with this type of thing happening. Thanks for posting this response from Olga. Readers (and searchers) hopefully find the true Trustpilot reviews on other sites like this one.

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