Movie Review: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Mark Hunter (Michael Douglas) is a corrupt district attorney with his eye on the governorship of his state. A journalist, C.J Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe) figures out the district attorney’s method of operation and sets up his own gutsy sting, putting himself on the line to take down Hunter. His plans are elaborate, but he miscalculates, and things go wrong.

This is a legal thriller, complete with car chases, corrupt cops and unexpected plot twists. The acting is quite poor in some of the minor roles and Michael Douglas plays the ruthless executive like he did in so many other movies.

It actually starts slow, and it almost lost me in the first twenty minutes, when the action picked up speed and I stayed. When done I concluded that I was entertained, but that was all.

Rating: **

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

  1. Eric Petrie

    Savage (or should I say ‘sage’) reviewer strikes again: another movie I wouldn’t think of seeing after reading the assessment. You convince me that you should have left after twenty minutes…but who can afford that at today’s ticket prices?

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