Movie Review: The Road

Here is a movie that follows the book perfectly, does not take away, does not add, and does not change the images that you have formed in your mind when reading the book. The movie just gives you added clarity, like adding luster, or perhaps color to black and white photographs.

This is ironic, however, since this movie takes away color. The world is black and white. When you look at a scene of three people around a campfire, covered by dirt and ash, surrounded by an ashen landscape, under a permanent grey sky, and the only color in the scene is orange vomit, well, you get the idea.

I reviewed this story in my book review for The Road so I won’t repeat that here.

This is one of the most depressing stories I have ever read and depressing and devastatingly scary movie I have ever seen. Not your usual holiday fare, but then, uplifting in an unexpected way. I walked out of the movie theater into the shopping mall bustle and for once I was glad. There were goods on the shelves and money could buy food. How reassuring.

This movie takes a lot out of you. It’s almost exhausting to watch. You feel like you need a nap afterwards but you don’t dare for fear of nightmares.

Rating: ****

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