Last Stacey’s Bookstore Closed

I am staying in Fremont, California and I was looking forward to a trip across the bay to San Francisco to visit Stacey’s Bookstore, the most exciting independent book store I had ever been in. Unfortunately, the last time I positively remember being there was 1993, so I could not remember the address. I googled it, and promptly found this article of  January 9, 2009 announcing closure of the store in March 2009.

I am saddened and disappointed. I had talked about Stacey’s to many people over the years and tooted its horn. It had an amazing array of technical and medical books that you could find nowhere else, along with all the other standard fare of any chain bookstore. There are many computer graphics, robotics and programming books in boxes in my garage that I carried home from Stacey’s during frequent visits there in the early 1990-ies.

Evolution has struck again.

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