Movie Review: Quicksand

In this 2003 action / adventure movie, Michael Keaton plays a workaholic compliance officer for a bank who travels to Monaco to investigate a company his bank is funding. Michael Caine plays a jaded actor trying to make a buck in a B movie. As it turns out, the banker and the actor get drawn into a web of intrigue and corruption, with the Russian mafia abducting girls, drugging them and forcing them into porn and sadism. The banker is set up to appear to be a murderer, and soon enough seemingly all of France’s police force is after him. He discovers that he can trust nobody since the police and politicians also appear to be in on the scheme.

This is a well-done movie that keeps you watching, but there isn’t anything new here that I had not seen elsewhere before. I was entertained for the time being, and I had to convince myself that I should write a short review, just for good measure.

Rating: *

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