A Fistful of Dollars – the Movie

Devin suggested I watch the famous The Man with No Name trilogy, starring Clint Eastwood. I didn’t know what I was getting into, so I rented the first one, A Fistful of Dollars, and sat down to watch.

I found the movie corny, slow, predictable and difficult to understand, both in following the plot and due to the mumbling of the characters. I almost lost interest about halfway through and then it picked up a bit and I stayed with it.

Supposedly, this movie made movie history. Published in 1964, it was Clint Eastwood’s first movie. Before that he was just an obscure TV actor. I didn’t know, until the day after I watched it, when I did my research, that it was directed by Sergio Leone, the man who made the Spaghetti Western famous. So A Fistful of Dollars is a Spaghetti Western. And now it rings a bell. The music, the photography, all points forward to Once Upon a Time in the West, the big movie that Leone would do in 1967. Once Upon a Time in the West has always been one of my favorite movies of all time, and I love the music.

So, even though I was convinced I was not going to have the patience to watch the other two No Name movies, once I realized that Leone was involved, I changed my mind, and on we go.

However, this movie on its own just doesn’t do too much  for me, so the rating is low.

Rating: *

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