I Love You, Man – the Movie

When I read the introduction to this movie on the Netflix sleeve I didn’t think I’d care. It looked silly, light in an airhead kind of way, and plain uninteresting. I was reading a book as it started, but within 20 seconds, I was drawn into the movie and I never finished a single paragraph. I put the book away as this movie sucked me in with its delightful humor and wonderful acting.

It’s about an average guy, Peter, a real estate agent, who is getting married. His fiancee has a whole support group of girl friends, and he has nobody. He decides he needs a male friend, lest he show up at the wedding without a best man. So he goes on the hunt, using Internet ads, with predictable results. That is, until he stumbles into Sidney, a character who is free as a bird and lives the live we have all dreamed about living, in a cottage a block off Venice Beach. They strike up a friendship, and the story goes on.

The actors are great, the writing unassuming, the jokes funny, the situations hilarious and the story unique and interesting enough to keep us hooked.

I had a good laugh and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. That’s what a comedy is all about.

Rating: ***

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