The Little Bird’s First Flight

The eaves of our house are covered with netting to keep birds out, but some enterprising couple has picked their way through the netting and built a nest about where the blue arrow points.


Besides the droppings down below, the intrusion has been minor, and I decided to wait until the little ones were all gone to clean it out and re-attach the netting to keep the birds out next year.

So far, so good.

When little birds first fly the nest, they kind of wobble around, eventually, hopefully tumble to the ground without breaking a wing. Dazed and disoriented, they try and try again until they figure out how to use that incredible gift of wings and they are on their way.

Unless the parent birds didn’t plan very wisely and there is a body of water three horizontal and ten vertical feet from the nest and the tumbling flight of the fledgling ends abruptly in water.

We had to scoop out a dead little bird a couple of days ago.

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