Outsourced – the Movie

Movies playing in India always fascinate me. How could a country be any more different from ours than India? The throngs of people everywhere, the overwhelming sense that there is no privacy for anyone, the massive poverty that permeates every action, every step, all result in a frighteningly alien experience. I have never been in India, and I probably never will be. Unlike some other third-world countries that have sights or locations that I am interested in, India has nothing of that. Unless my work demands that I visit India, I am likely never going. Seeing it in the movies is enough.

This is a light comedy, a truly indie movie, about a call center manager who gets laid off in Seattle where his entire department is outsourced to India. But before he is let go, he is sent to India to train his replacement.

When he arrives, he is truly a stranger in a strange land. I can feel for him. I would be just as scared and confused. While at first he just wants out, as the days go on, he comes to like the people, enjoy the unique charm of the country, and he even falls in love.

There is no great moral to this story, no lesson to learn, no revelation to walk away with. You just spend a couple of hours watching likable characters in unlikely situations. And you marvel about all these people in India, who are right now right there, doing their thing. And what are they thinking about us Americans? Their picture of us must be truly bizarre.

Rating: **

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