Movie Review: Taken

Warning: Do not watch this movie before any young female friends or relatives travel to Europe.

After watching and reviewing Trade just recently, this is about the very same subject, trafficking of females as sex slaves. This movie is more of an action flick, where Liam Neeson plays a retired CIA operative whose daughter, living with his uppity ex-wife and her husband in Los Angeles, wants to go to Paris with a friend.

He does not agree to let her go because he thinks it’s not safe. His daughter and her friend are 17 years old, and when you watch them act, their maturity level resembles more that of 13 year olds. You shudder to think of them alone in Europe.

They barely get out of the airplane, needing a ride into the city to their hotel, when they are targeted by Albanian mafioso spotters who whisk them away.

And thus the non-stop action starts. While these guys get away with their crimes most of the time, this time they could not have picked a worse target: the daughter of a security expert. Within hours he is on their trail, and he pretty much single-handedly kills every thug in his way.

It’s a white knuckle ride, well worth watching, and it scares you to ever let a girl travel alone.

The only thing that bothered me was that while they dealt with the language issue with translators and subtitles, it just didn’t seem realistic that all the bad guys, the French police and everyone in Paris, it seemed, spoke good American English, albeit with French accents. That aspect kept tripping me up and taking me away from the story, reminding me I was watching a movie, rather than participating. Perhaps being a polyglot myself this was more disturbing to me than it would be to others, so I’ll let it go.

Rating - Four Stars

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