Run, Fat Boy, Run – the Movie

Here is a movie title where you ask yourself when you first hear it: “What, are you kidding?” The first impulse is that you don’t want to watch the movie. Ebert does not even have a review for this that I could find. It’s the kind of movie you order from Netflix when your queue is empty and you are looking for something light. And light is exactly what you get.

It plays in London. A guy literally runs away from his wedding, leaving the pregnant bride, the wedding party and the best man standing there in fury and stupor. Five years later he comes to regret his decision. He has frequent contact with the woman since they have a child together, now five years old. He is a hapless security guard, overweight, out of shape, smoking and clumsy. But he is a good father.

It’s a feel-good story about a regular guy, the underdog, who decides that he has to do something extraordinary to have a chance to get the girl back. So he signs up to run a marathon. His friends bet on him. He prepares as little as he apparently planned his life, pre-wedding and post-non-wedding. The day of the marathon comes around…

And this is where I stop telling you the story.

This is light entertainment, and it’s not Hollywood for a chance. If this were a Hollywood movie, there would be more slapstick humor, potty jokes and plain silly teenage pranks. This is a funny, light and somewhat silly movie for adults, and it’s a good way to relax for an hour and a half with a mindless state of — mind.

Rating: **

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