BluBlu – A Very Different Kind of Art

When I was in college, studying art, I used say that orchestral music was one of  the most complex forms of art, since it required so many participants for a work of art to be created, including the composer who dreams it all up, the various orchestra instruments and their players, with lifetimes of practice each, the conductor and the theater where the concert takes place. That’s a lot of coordination.

In comparison, a lowly painter like I can just paint something in his painting corner and hang it up on a wall.

Here I found another kind of art which is completely new and entirely different from anything you have seen before, applying many different skills, from planning, storyboarding, drawing, painting, photography and online publishing, with an amazing amount of man-hours of work.

See for yourself and check out BluBlu. Make sure you have 8 minutes of time and click on the arrow to run the video.

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