Obama Meets Governors

I found this picture on the front page of USA Today on December 3, 2008.

Front Page of USA Today December 3, 2008

Several thoughts came to mind, and I could  not help keep the page to comment later.  

1. Under blue arrow is the Governor Charlie Crist of Florida. I actually met him at his office and we talked for a few minutes about our products and how they might be used in Florida. That was in December 2006.  

2. Obviously the man under the green arrow is Governor Blagojevich, whom I didn’t even know then. Little did Blagojevich know on December 3rd what was going to happen to him on December 9th, when he was arrested on corruption charges and thrust into the national spotlight.  

3. Of course, on the left is Governor Schwarzenegger of California, shaking hands with then President-elect Obama. I could not help but get the feeling that Schwarzenegger and Obama are having the time of their lives. I am sure that when Obama was growing up he did not in his wildest dreams imagine one day meeting Schwarzenegger, who had just started acting in the Conan movies when Obama was in college. And I am sure Schwarzenegger is having a great time reaching the pinnacle of American politics, rubbing shoulders with the president and other governors, having come as a penniless immigrant to this country in the 60ies.

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