Chelsea’s 23rd Birthday


1st Birthday:


Confusion. Why are we doing a birthday for a baby that has no idea what it’s about?


2nd Birthday:


This is fun. Friends, food, toys.


3rd to 10th Birthday:


Party favors, friends, other moms, ribbons, balloons. Dad off to the side. What’s this about?


11th to 14th Birthday:


Awkward. Too old for party favors, but like the presents.


15th to 16th Birthday:


Dad, take me and my friends to some place expensive, like Magic Mountain, Disneyland or a trip far away.


17th Birthday:


I want to be with my friends. Driver’s permit.


18th Birthday:


Where is my car? College. I want to be with my friends. Don’t you dare put on a party for me.


19th to 20th Birthday:


Could you take me out to dinner?


21st Birthday:


I’ll go out with my friends and have a drink. I can hardly make it to Christmas Eve dinner the day after. My hangover is horrible.


22nd Birthday:


What? This is it? Life started.


23rd Birthday and on:


Dad realizes it’s a special anniversary for him. It’s been 23 years that she has been part of his life. The birthday was the day she joined him. For good. Dad celebrates quietly, remembering the moments on the day she was born.


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