Palin – drones, Take Four

Now that the American voters have sent the good governor back to Alaska, we’re safe, for at least four years, from Palin’s War on Science and Learning. The woman was an amazing ignoramus, and she apparently was blockheaded enough to not even realize it.

Christopher Hitchens, a columnist at Vanity Fair, did an excellent job outlining Palin’s and McCain’s lack of respect for learning and science, in this article on Slate.  

The Republican Party and McCain exposed this nation to the real possibility of Palin, an under-educated and to top it off proud of it religious fanatic, sitting in the Oval Office. But America smoked them out.

There is no way that Palin will make it through any primary season in her own right, and there is certainly no way that another hapless Republican will choose her for a running mate. May she go back to Wasilla and stay there in obscurity. She had her 15 minutes of fame.

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