Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin

I am not one to listen to celebrity opinion. But here is Matt Damon, and he said it as well as I could ever have.

The actuary tables show McCain’s chances of not surviving a term in office as 1 in 3. Remember, he had skin cancer twice already. So there is a 33% possiblity of President Sarah Palin.

You have got to be kidding. A self proclaimed hockey mom, who became the mayor of a very small town in Alaska, who went on to become governor of Alaska, our 4th smallest state in population (683,000).

In comparison, our North San Diego County communities total to more than that:

Total North County 697000
Escondido 133000
San Marcos 76000
Vista 89000
Oceanside 173000
Fallbrook 30000
Carlsbad 90000
Encinitas 58000
Poway 48000

And this is just our little suburbia, excluding all of San Diego proper. So hopefully the GOP stops calling Alaska our largest state.  Population wise it is one of our smallest states. Only Montana, Vermont and North Dakota are smaller.

And this woman, who does not sound like she has had many original thoughts, who could not name a single newspaper she actually reads, is going take on Washington DC, face down Russia, China and Iran?

McCain, who obviously put us into this awful situation merely for political reasons, showed the ultimate lack of judgment and this alone disqualifies him in my estimation. Sorry, Senator McCain. Serious, serious mistake.

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