Eight Years and Eight Years

1992 – 2000

President: Clinton

National Debt: Drastically reduced

National Budget: Current surplus and projected $5 trillion surplus

Economy: Largest and most stable consistent growth period in history

Military Casualties: Practically none

2001 – 2009

President: Bush

National Debt: Largest ever

National Budget: Largest projected deficit in history and $4 trillion cumulative debt expected

Economy: Worst condition since Great Depression. Some of nation’s largest financial institutions collapse.

Military Casualties: Over 4,000 dead in Iraq alone, over 30,000 wounded and maimed.


2 thoughts on “Eight Years and Eight Years

  1. jm

    Your casualties should specify American casualties because the number of people actually killed and wounded is considerably higher, of course. Not that the American deaths and injuries alone are insignificant, but they are so dwarfed by the actual number of people killed, people who also had families, homes, etc., it behooves us to acknowledge their suffering as well. This is especially true when you consider how many suicide bombers, for example, were not known as political people, but when a loved one was suddenly killed, they changed and that one attack becomes the impetus for another. Another point is that there is a high incidence of murder caused by veterans of the Iraq war, which means their deaths can also be attributed to the war. The New York Times did a good story on this “phenomenon” some months ago.

  2. norberthaupt

    Yes. The numbers of Iraqi dead is staggering, and sadly, not even counted. Estimates range in the 100,000 or more.

    Our right wing is going to tell us they are all “terrorists.”

    A very arrogant and dangerous attitude indeed.

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