Our Government is Lost

Clearly, when you have an administration and a government in place for 8 years that does not know what it’s doing, this is what happens:

  • Wars get started that have no end and cost a fortune.
  • Young Americans die and get maimed every day for a cause that his nothing to do with this country.
  • Unemployment goes up.
  • Our country’s goods are not valued overseas.
  • Trade deficits escalate.
  • Jobs move overseas.
  • The dollar sinks.
  • Gas prices triple in 5 years.
  • Poverty goes up.
  • The national debt doubles.
  • Our reputation in the world is at an all time low.
  • Our largest financial institutions collapse.
  • Home values plummet.
  • Hockey moms are nominated as vice presidential candidates.

And our current government acts like none of this is its fault.  It just happened.

Who elected Bush for 4 more years in 2004 when we saw all these signs coming?

For crying out loud, we need some leadership.

And we deserve to listen to the two men vying for the leadership job in a debate. Don’t let them get away with taking that away. They owe us.

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