Never Sell Books in a Garage Sale

About 15 years ago we had a garage sale. I have always had books stashed away in boxes in the garage, and it looked like a good idea to put out some of my books. There were years when I read a lot of science fiction books, all Heinlein ever wrote, Asimov, Clarke, Bova, Niven, Robinson, to mention just a few. I looked at the books. Titles like “The Gentle Giants of Ganymede” by Hogan come to mind. I decided I would never read them again.

I wasn’t there when he came by, but I heard that there was one buyer that picked up all the science fiction paperbacks on the table, at 25 cents a piece. All of them. Gone. I might have netted $20 or $30, enough to take the family out for a pizza, which we probably did.

I cannot tell you how often I have regretted doing this in the last 15 years. I wanted to read “Time Pressure” by Spider Robinson again. Great read. I found it (it wasn’t easy) through Amazon used books. I paid 99 cents for it (4 times what I sold it for), plus about  $3.95 for shipping. If I do that a few more times, it could have paid for that pizza in 1993.

And now back to reading “Time Pressure.”

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