Book Review: Good to Great – by Jim Collins

One of the best business books ever written.

After reading it, I decided we’re going to make our company great. I logged onto Amazon and ordered 40 copies of the book to distribute to every one of our team members at the next company meeting.

This should be required reading for any company founder, president, CEO, owner and all managers.

Collins and his team analyzed over a thousand companies and narrowed them down to 11 “great” companies. Then they studied what made those companies great, and what criteria had nothing to do with greatness. One chapter at a time, he leads us through the thought process and introduces us to concepts and analogies that stick with us.

There is the hedgehog concept. There are the three circles. There is the bus, the people on the bus, and the right people in the right seats on the bus, and of course, the wrong people on the bus. And there is the flywheel.

If you want to supercharge your organization, read Good to Great, and you will be compelled to put the principles into action.

Then watch the results.

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