No Funding for Wildlife Refuges

We can’t fund our Wildlife Refuges: 

This article states that we need $765 million to properly fund our wildlife refuges, but this year we’re only allocating $434 million. We’re $331 million short. That’s about $1.10 per person in the US.

Where can I send my money?

However, we continue to spend $12 billion on the war in Iraq per month, that’s $12,000 million in 30 days. That’s $400 million a day.

I say let’s stop the war for one day and fund the shortfall for the wildlife refuges.

Nobody is going to notice that we’re not doing the war for a day!

How about Memorial Day next Monday. Let’s just not fight that day, and use the money for a good cause. Some people that would have died on Monday won’t die, either, so that too will be a good outcome. All their families will continue to have their kids.

Better yet, maybe we can put a “no war” day in every month.

I am so creative, it’s frightening.


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