Forest Giants

The world has a new tallest tree, based on an article in the New York Times.

This article references Steve Sillett, the main character in the book The Wild Trees that I reviewed below. 

Read Preston’s book “The Wild Trees” and learn how these guys find and measure the trees. You will be amazed how complicated this endeavor is. Fortunately, there are only very few people privy to where the trees are, and they keep it a secret. This will keep me from seeing the world’s tallest tree, but that is ok with me. I have seen General Sherman — and that counts.

An interesting blog entry by Vicky speculates about Steve Sillett’s intentions when he kept the locactions of the trees he researched secret. She changes her mind at the end. My thought, of course is: Steve found and measured the trees in the first place, which took, including his experience and learning, decades. Anyone else wanting to become a tall tree expert is welcome to put on a backpack and start hiking and measuring. I think Steve is in his right to conceal the locations for one thing, and being a responsible scientist, working in a field where the subjects of his study are highly fragile and endangered natural treasures, I would say he even has a responsibility to protect the locations.

And finally, don’t miss Robert Van Pelt’s website for some neat pictures.

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  1. Hello.

    Stumbled upon this redwood related entry.

    What if the secret was not as secretive as Preston wrote? What if the trees were not as inaccessible as he led people to believe?

    Getting to them is not a cake-walk, but I’ve got a page you may find amusement from

    Recently, I added a comment to the page about wear and tear to the trees. As a certified professional arborist who is not dependent to make a living climbing protected trees, I have the advantage of evaluating some trees from a more neutral point of view.


    M. D. Vaden of Oregon

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