Hummingbird Abandoned

The Hummingbird finished her nest a few days ago, laid an egg that looks like a white gumdrop, and has abandoned her nest. Or so it seems. She has not been back for days. Did she not like the egg? Did she die? What eats hummingbirds?

A hummingbird is the one creature that seems like it should be outside of the food chain. Nothing should harm hummingbirds.

But then, I am sure there is something wrong with that idea, too.

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  1. Even though there is no way to know for certain what caused the hummingbird to abandon its nest, the things listed here may offer some possible explainations. Hope this helps.

    Cats, both domestic and feral, are probably the most common predators of non-nested hummingbirds. People often make reports to the Hummingbird Society that their cats carry a hummingbird in their mouth–sometimes dead, sometimes not. The Hummingbird Society also often receives reports of tailless hummingbirds. This could indicate a hummingbird in molt or it could indicate a hummingbird that has narrowly escaped being caught by a cat. In the case of one hummingbird species, the Juan Fernandez Firecrown, which is found in Chile, cats are actually an important reason for the bird’s being close to extinction.

    Hawks and Other birds have been documented catching hummingbirds. Even though most birds are far larger than the hummingbird, which typically only weighs 3-4 grams or 0.1 ounce, the larger birds have been known to attack the hummingbird.

    It may surprise you, as it did me, to learn that praying mantis will successfully capture, kill, and eat a hummingbird. Usually, the praying mantis will position itself on a plant or a hummingbird feeder to which it observes a hummingbird coming repeatedly. Due to the lightning-fast manner in which the insect strikes it is often assured of success. It may take over a day for the bird to be consumed by the praying mantis, because of the relative size difference. While these insects are very beneficial in a garden, they should not be allowed on hummingbird feeders.

    The spider can even be a predator of Hummingbirds. The hummingbird uses spider webs as a source of material in the construction of their nest, because it is necessary to bind the nest to the tree branch or other substrate and to hold the nest together. The hummingbird must be extremely careful while removing the pieces of webbing, for it may become entangled and be trapped there. The Spider’s silk has a strength that is comparable to steel on a weight basis.

    There are even more unusual predators of the hummingbird. This includes the frog and even a bass fish. Frogs can capture a hummingbird, although the result is probably death to both. According to The Hummingbird Society, there is at least one report in the literature of a bass fish capturing a hummingbird.

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    Enjoy the wonder and beauty that spring has to offer everyone. Have fun watching the hummingbirds.

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