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Do Something, Mr. President

Ludicrous, Mr. President. The world is not watching. The world is scratching its head.

If you want a health plan, please stop tweeting, stop playing golf, stop wasting time and taxpayer travel money on silly campaign rallies. You are the president.

Get to work and come up with a plan, a good plan, such a good plan and so cheap, one¬†where everybody will win, and all the Republicans and most of the Democrats will vote for it. It’s actually quite simple.

If you want to have a plan that allows people to buy across state lines, work on such a plan, and present it, and we’ll all¬†support it. You don’t need to kick 26 million people off their health insurance to create a market that allows people to buy across state lines.

To use your own words: It’ll be great, and it’ll be so easy.

Do something, Mr. President!

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