If You Steal an Apple…

…at a market and you get caught as a shoplifter, you get arrested.

In medieval  times in Europe,  if you got caught stealing at a market to feed your children, they chopped off your hand, unless of course you were rich, powerful or clergy.

Madoff stole $50 billion from his investors over the years. He is confined to his New York City apartment to house arrest.

Can you imagine the ‘apartment’ of a guy who has stolen $50 billion over decades? I am sure he is not missing any meals. Actually, I just read an article that he’s been busy mailing assets to relatives and friends from his apartment. They didn’t take away phone, email or mail, apparently, so he can quickly spread the money while he still has some control over it.

The other thief, Stanford, is now ‘barred access to cash’ and they took away his passport.

So, steal an apple, get arrested.

Steal a billion dollars, do it on national TV, and get house arrest and have your passport taken away.