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Type “Rumsf” into Google Images and watch what happens:

Google Rumsfeld

It turns out Rumsfeld and Hussein were kissing buddies in the eighties. Twenty years before Rumsfeld wanted Hussein dead, he helped prop him up and made him what he eventually became.


When the Iran-Iraq war escalated in 1983, President Ronald Reagan dispatched his Middle East envoy, a former secretary of defense, to Baghdad with a hand-written letter to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and a message that Washington was willing at any moment to resume diplomatic relations.

That envoy was Donald Rumsfeld.

Thus started a relationship between the U.S and Iraq that went on for years, with the U.S. arming Iraq, sending money, weapons, helicopters, all during a time when Iraq was actively using chemical weapons against its own people.

Rumsfeld went on to run for president of the U.S. in 1988, and was, thank goodness, not successful.

Here is a man I am glad I don’t have to see on TV anymore.

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