Obama Makes History with Eulogy for Clementa Pinckney

Four score and seven years ago….

– Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln


Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

– Inauguration of John F. Kennedy


I have dream…

– Martin Luther King


Amazing grace…

– Barack Obama, June 26, 2015

In my opinion, President Obama made history yesterday with this eulogy for pastor Clementa Pinckney and his fellow clergy in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 26, 2015. It will be called the “Amazing Grace Speech,” and school children fifty years and a hundred years hence will listen to it as one of the great speeches that shaped our country. It’s one of the events that Obama will be remembered for.

Amazing Grace.

Note that the video starts at 29 minutes, but you can choose to start at the beginning by rewinding.