MobilityPass Sucks – Take Three

More than a year and a half after I spent a hundred and fifty dollars on a MobilityPass account and could never make it  work, there is still horrible press out like this one here. Read and marvel. If you want to know about my own, thank goodness minor losses with MobilityPass, type MobilityPass in the search box on the right side of  the screen.

This is shocking stuff.

MobilityPass Sucks – Take Two


The chatter about MobilityPass being a rip-off-firm is continuing, and I have not seen a single positive post about them yet. In retrospect, I got lucky, because all they got out of me was the cost of  the modem, and since I could not get that to work with them for two months, I never got around to getting as far as usage charges.

Here is a good summary post so you can see other horror stories.

Here is another one. The horror stories abound.