The Iowa Winners – 320 Million People, and We Get This?

Ted Cruz had his staff fabricate news that Ben Carson had quit the race. Then he had staffers do phone calls to voters spreading that news. I call that outright fraud. Thuggery. Crookstuff. But as he said in his “acceptance speech”: The Glory goes to the Lord. I say Allahu Akbar.

Hillary Clinton asks for a minimum of $225,000 for a speech. That’s what supposedly Goldman Sachs paid her. eBay paid her $315,000. But she does not believe $15/hour minimum wage is justified. A minimum wage worker at $15/hour has to work 7.2 years full time to make $225,000. Currently, the minimum wage is $7.25/hour. At that rate, a worker has to work 14.9 years full time to make $225,000. The Clintons reported income of $28 million for 2014. So we want to choose Hillary because she can identify with the middle class?

Then there are other choices. Donald Trump is a billionaire, who thought it was fine to make money off the deals that go well but file bankruptcy four times when the deals don’t go so well. When you file bankruptcy, you basically screw those that you owe money to, people with whom you entered into a contract so they provided goods or services to you, and you promised to pay them for that. Trump thinks it’s fine to get rich off other people’s misfortunes. He calls it The Art of the Deal.

Yes, we in the middle class can really identify with these people.

And we vote for them!

What is wrong with us?