Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

Refugee Camp
Picture Credit: Huthaifa Shqeirat on Facebook

Here is a partial view of a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. Everyone of these tents and shacks is packed with innocent families, their children, their babies and a few possessions they could carry. Every one of these people were driven from their homes. They left their possessions, their heritage, the places where their parents and grandparents lived, their familiar surroundings. They did this because it was too dangerous to stay, or impossible to live there anymore, or because their homes were destroyed.

This is civil war. Assad claims his people love him and want him to stay in power and live in opulence in his palace. The dissidents want freedom from Assad’s tyranny. Then the criminals who claim to be religious (ISIS) took advantage of the disaster for their own enrichment and good. This is what happens when a country comes apart at the seams.

Tell that to the father in one of these tents who is trying to keep his children fed, alive, warm and protected.

Go tell him!