Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

Refugee Camp
Picture Credit: Huthaifa Shqeirat on Facebook

Here is a partial view of a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. Everyone of these tents and shacks is packed with innocent families, their children, their babies and a few possessions they could carry. Every one of these people were driven from their homes. They left their possessions, their heritage, the places where their parents and grandparents lived, their familiar surroundings. They did this because it was too dangerous to stay, or impossible to live there anymore, or because their homes were destroyed.

This is civil war. Assad claims his people love him and want him to stay in power and live in opulence in his palace. The dissidents want freedom from Assad’s tyranny. Then the criminals who claim to be religious (ISIS) took advantage of the disaster for their own enrichment and good. This is what happens when a country comes apart at the seams.

Tell that to the father in one of these tents who is trying to keep his children fed, alive, warm and protected.

Go tell him!

The Question of Islam

We will not allow these people to claim they are religious leaders. They have nothing to do with Islam.

— President Obama speaking about ISIS

I differ with President Obama. ‘ISIS’ stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” does it not?

It does not matter what we call it. Let me repeat: It does not matter what WE call it. They call themselves Islamic. That’s what matters. We’re just giving it labels that are convenient to us, and Obama is not just receiving criticism by me but by the majority of the American people.

ISIS is Islamic fundamentalism in the radical extreme. These people are killers, thieves, bigots and rapists, and they are justifying their deeds by telling themselves and their victims that they are on a mission from God.

They are hijacking the Muslim religion, I grant you that, but it is nonetheless Islam that they are using, and that makes it hard for other Muslims to deal with, I must admit.

It is religion in general that often has a message that makes its subscribers think they are better than everyone else. Christians had their turn for a couple of thousand years now, and until just a few hundred years ago Christians murdered, imprisoned, tortured, raped and plundered in the name of their God. The Salem Witch Trials ended in 1692, only when the Governor’s wife was accused of witchcraft. Even the Nazis professed they were Christians, and that’s not very long ago at all.

What baffles me is that the Islamic message is so strong that it gets teenage girls in North America and Europe to sneak onto airplanes to Syria so they can participate in deeds like beheading innocent victims, mass slaughter of members of other religions, shutting down of schools, destruction of art, and the raping and pillaging of conquered villages. What value systems do these teenage girls have to start with that rape and murder sounds desirable and honorable?

I say it here: Islam is a very dangerous and destructive religion, and we are watching its results on YouTube and TV worldwide.

No Respect for Cowards

Security services close to identifying jihadi killer of James Foley
I have no respect for cowards

When I write a post stating my opinion, I do so with my name above it. I cannot accept a “critic” who writes under a pseudonym, with the only exception being that their health and safety is in jeopardy because of the policies of the country they live in.

A person who has usurped the power to take another person’s life on video in front of the whole world to see, a person who parades in front of the people he supposedly wants to liberate and unite under God, should have the courage to do so with his face showing.

This is a coward who hides behind a mask and a bogus religion. He is a bully that can only be powerful because his is propped up by this buddies with guns.

Let him walk into any bar in America with this outfit on and see what would happen!

ISIS, the Yazidis, and Atrocities

Yazidi Girl Poses
Yazidi Girl in Refugee Camp [picture credit: Simon Tomlinson and Tom Mctague]
Check out this photo essay by Simon Tomlinson and Tom Mctague in MailOnline which illustrates the plight of the Yazidis under the threat of Muslim extremists.

Fears are growing for the 300 Yazidi women reportedly kidnapped by Islamic State fighters last week amid claims they would be used to bear children to break up the ancient sect’s bloodline.

The minority group is originally Aryan and has retained a fairer complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes by only marrying within the community.

But in a furious bid to convert all non-Muslims, ISIS jihadists have vowed to impregnate the hostages.

This is why I don’t have much respect for religions. What kind of god is this that allows young men to think they have the right to take women and children, like the girls on the photos of this post, and “impregnate them” just to destroy their “blood lines?”

Yazidi Girl Rests
Yazidi Girl in Refugee Camp [picture credit: Simon Tomlinson and Tom Mctague]
What kind of people are these ISIS guys that smile on TV while talking about killing innocent little girls like these – or impregnating them?

What kind of society is this that accepts this behavior as acceptable, as in the case of these ISIS people, interprets it as god’s will?

What kind of country are we that we really think we are going to make a difference with guns in societies that have persecuted each other in the name of their gods, be that Zoroaster 4,000 years ago, or the “prophet” Muhammad 1,300 years ago, and all the whacky dogma he brought along and passed on to an entire geographic region?

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, when you want to contribute in a shooting war, you have to pick one side or the other. Right now, in Syria and Iraq, we can’t seem to figure out which side we want to back. All sides seem to have “terrorist” threads within them. No matter which side we arm, we end up arming people we used to shoot at or who used to shoot at us.

Atrocities everywhere. Let’s send in American soldiers so there can be more confusion. It reminds me of one of those bad heist movies where the mob, the law and the marks all shoot at each other in an Italian restaurant, until everyone is moaning and bleeding on the black and white tile floors under red and white checkered tablecloths.

Great idea.