Jesus Spanks the Sick

There is so much wrong with this picture. Where do I start?

Jesus Spanks

The God who loves us all unconditionally needs to be petty and spank us when we do something naughty and wrong.

Hitting a beehive is naughty. Seems like it would be stupid, and the bees themselves will do the punishment.

Jesus, not God, is doing the spanking. Is Jesus a human or God? Ok, ok, I have heard the explanation. But that’s why the book uses the word “Lord” and not “God,” muddling things a bit.

Did the artist pick a girl so Jesus does not have to spank a boy with his pants down. Was the artist a Catholic priest?

Spanking is portrayed as something acceptable. Hey, Jesus does it! This makes it look like child abuse is a godly thing.

It tells children that if you’re sick, you probably are naughty or did something really bad. If you are very sick, you must deserve it. If you are a child with cancer, meningitis, a terrible viral infection or a birth defect, shame on you. Pay for your naughtiness.

Books like this create the power structure of religion by brainwashing its youngest members, those who are innocently born into it, and keep them confused and laden with guilt for life. After all, that’s where new members are created, from the pool of descendants.

To be fair, this appears to be coming from a free love incest cult.

Disclaimer: The links below go to some very offensive material, which promote illegal and immoral activities – all in the name of God. Do not click there if you’re easily offended.

Read more about it here and be disgusted.

Here is another post on incest.

We like to talk about radical Islam! Here is some really radical Christianity for you. Of course, Islamists always distance themselves from radical Islam, and Christians will vehemently distance themselves from cults like this.

And now I’ll quickly forget I poked around in these sites.