Wisdom for the New Year – by Gitomer

At a time when we all seem to be making resolutions for our lives, I came across this Gitomer Newsletter that pretty much told me what I should be focusing on:


  • Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?


  • The team or the player that’s best prepared.
  • The team or the player that makes the fewest mistakes.
  • The team or the player that stays steady and keeps its cool.
  • The team or the player that creates breaks and takes advantage of them.
  • The team or the player that prepares one razzle-dazzle play, takes the risk at the opportune time, and pulls it off.
  • The team with the most dedicated players.
  • The team or the player with the best coach.

Twelve Books Gitomer Says We Should Own and Read

Jeffrey Gitomer is one of by business heroes.

Little Red BookThis is the guy who wrote the Little Red Book of Selling and many other “Little <color> Books of …” that are printed on expensive paper and published in linen hardcovers, found in the business sections in bookstores and usually in airport book stores.

I subscribe to his newsletters and I always get a lot of value from them, even though I am not a “salesperson” by trade.

Once you read Gitomer you quickly learn that we are all salespeople of our own careers, families, dreams, quests, passions and lives.

Just recently Gitomer published a list of a dozen books he says we should own and read. Here is the list:

1. Think and Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People – by Dale Carnegie

3. He can Who Thinks He Can – by Orison Swett Marden

4. Swim with the Sharks – by Harvey Mackay

5. Small is the New BIG – by Seth Godin

6. Thinkertoys – by Michael Michalko

7. What Would Google Do – by Jeff Jarvis

8. Outliers – by Malcolm Gladwell

9. Steve Jobs – by Walter Isaacson

10. The Pursuit of Prime – by Ichak Adizes

11. Social Boom – by Jeffrey Gitomer himself

12. Atlas Shrugged – by Ayn Rand

I have highlighted in red those books I have already read and I own. Underlined are my reviews of those books that I have read within the time I have maintained this blog. Blue are those books I own but have not yet finished reading.

Now you know my upcoming business book reading list – the black ones left.