This is Gaza – Video by Jürgen Todenhöfer

The American media has effectively indoctrinated us that Hamas are terrorists and therefore Israel is justified in fighting back. When opponents of the war argue that Israel is killing innocent Palestinians, they counter that the Palestinians elected Hamas into power and therefore they are not innocent. They are terrorists.

Hamas are terrorists. Palestinians should overthrow Hamas and start the peaceful nation they proclaim they want. I am aware that I am asking for another civil war in Gaza.

It’s a complex situation, and I tend to agree with the argument from the side I listened to last.

But easy or not, Israel is terrorizing Gaza. Look at this video, for a change not by a slanted American media organization but by a slanted German one. Then look me in the eye and tell me that these children are guilty because they elected Hamas.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know German. All the pictures are in English.