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On July 19, 2013, the Cassini spacecraft slipped into the shadow of Saturn. With the bright light of the sun hidden behind the planet, it was able to point the camera at Saturn to take the first picture that showed Saturn, with Earth, Mars, Venus, seven of its moons and the rings, all in one shot. JPL source here.

Earth from Saturn

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It shows our planet not as a blue marble, but as, per Carl Sagan, a pale blue dot. All of human history, all of human suffering, all the wars for this god and that god, all the subjugations by kings and dictators through the millennia, all killings for greed and lust, happened on that little speck of dust almost a billion miles away from this vantage point.

It seems to me we should not make it unlivable by heating up its microscopically thin atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Where would our grandchildren go?

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