Cost of War – Take Seven

According to the USA Today, September 26 – 28, front page, we are spending $10 million a day on bombing Syria and Iraq.

A single Tomahawk land-attack cruise missile, as was shown so nicely and flashing on the evening news a few days ago, costs $1.1 million.

A single Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) smart bomb costs $40,000. The hourly cost of keeping a B-2 stealth bomber in the air is $55,000.

The federal income tax that I pay every year pays for about 30 minutes of flying a B-2. It takes a lot of guys like me for a whole year to pay for a single B-2 mission, to pay for the shock and awe the warmongers are so proud of.

I don’t think this is good value for my dollars.